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Farm to Packaging

The agriculture services we provide are custom designed to fit your business’s needs. From new electrical services or efficiency upgrades for irrigation or facilities to automating agriculture control systems for processing and packaging, to fine-tuning instruments to make sure that products and/or processes meet the design parameters, we want to help streamline your operations so you can focus on your immediate and future business goals.

Quality Control and Efficiency

Impax assists companies increase their agricultural efficiencies with quality control and production solutions that automate their operations and business tools. We understand the value of agricultural businesses within the California market, and that’s why we help you examine the areas of strength and the areas of improvement as your goods undergo processing and packaging.

Our Agriculture Benefits:

Increased agricultural efficiencies through upgraded equipment and automation
Elevated productivity for processing and packaging
Custom automation solutions for your business
Streamlined internal operations
Remote monitoring, data collection, and reporting capabilities